Engagement Features

Features for increasing customer engagement, building relationships and growing revenue.

Create promo codes

Reward customers and incentivise transactional spending with promotion codes. This tactic is central to any ecommerce business’s arsenal of marketing campaigns.

Create film bundles

Easily combine content together to sell as a bundled package for a single price.

Create a loyalty program

Create your own loyalty rewards program with its own points system. Customers earn points for transactional purchases, which in turn can be used to redeem content.


Add video recommendations after a video has finished playing.

Email marketing integrations

Send personalized communications via automated email marketing campaigns. The SHIFT72 online video platform lets you integrate with an email provider like Mailchimp.

Live chat integrations

Help customers in real time using live-chat. The SHIFT72 online video platform lets you integrate with an online messaging provider like Intercom.

Add bonus footage

Add bonus footage to accompany video assets and increase the value of your offering.

Provide SD/HD pricing options

Provide an SD and HD price option for pay-per-view video sales and rentals.

Offer pre-sales

Build hype and anticipation for the release of new content using a lunch timer and allowing customers the option of making a pre sale purchase.

Allow for pre-registration

Migrate existing users from an existing platform or prepare for the launch of your platform by allowing new customers to pre-register.

Launch multiple platform channels

Launch multiple OTT video channels, with different channel branding, and link these channels together so customers can access all through a single account.

Be first to syndicate to social media

Distribute applicable on demand and live video assets to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. This can be achieved using our snippet syndication tools.

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