Make curation easy with total control over your branded platform

Simplified tools give you the power to control everything from the display of your content to your users’ experience


Focus more on what you’re creating and less on how you do it by choosing the experience right for you.

Drag and drop curation

Intuitively build your platform with drag and drop functionality to create, edit, and publish your pages

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Video CMS

Effortlessly manage your workflow with a streamlined and intuitive content management system

Content management system

Upload content, edit meta-data, and publish to your channel 

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User management 

All the tools you need to manage your platform and keep audiences happy

All-in-one dashboard

Understand and measure audience engagement, content, and progress all in one screen 

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Intuitive purchase management

Take care of your users with tools that easily let you gift content, issue refunds, extend rentals and more 

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Complete user administration

As the platform administrator, you’re in absolute control of your content and users

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Comprehensive account history

Owning sales has never been easier with the ability to view purchase history, issue refunds, resend invoices and more

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Make your Shift on demand

Connect with our team to discuss how these platform management features can help you make your Shift on demand.