Turn your business into a revenue-making machine

Choose from a range of monetization options that best suit your audience

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Advanced Monetization Made Simple

Transform Your Platform with Dynamic Commerce Capabilities

Embeddable Checkout

Seamless, on-site transactions to keep users engaged

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Hybrid Monetization

Flexible SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD options for diverse revenue streams

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Monetization Switching

Swiftly transition between revenue models to adapt to market demands

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The worlds most flexible monetization platform

Maximize engagement and revenue through strategic monetization

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SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand)

Offer unlimited access to a library of content for a monthly or yearly fee. Ideal for building a loyal subscriber base and ensuring recurring revenue.

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TVOD icon
TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand)

Allow your audience the freedom to purchase or rent individual pieces of content. Perfect for monetising specific premium content or new releases.

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AVOD icon
AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand)

Provide free access to content supported by advertisements. An excellent choice for reaching a broader audience while generating revenue through ad placements.

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Pre-sales icon

Build hype and grow awareness that maximises revenue with early-bird sales prior to official release 

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Promo codes & discounts

Run targeted promotion campaigns and reward audience loyalty with easy-to-manage promo codes

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localised platform experiences icon
Localised platform experiences

Sell to audiences in their currency with support for all major credit cards 

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global pricing icon
Global pricing controls

Extend your offering worldwide with country-specific pricing and real-time regional price controls

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bundles icon

Sell curated collections of content under a single price

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festival passes icon
Festival passes

Sell festival passes with flexible curation controls and recreate the experience of film hopping at home

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Increase your revenue and attract sponsors with advertising features that stand out on your platform

Display advertising

Generate advertising impressions and revenue with banner ad placements across your platform

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Sponsorship placement

Enhance sponsorship and advertising partnerships with branded collections of content, custom banners and more

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Donate button

Encourage your audience to donate to your cause with an eye-catching, animated icon on your page

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Pre-roll advertising 

Insert your voice or sell off the segment before any stream with an ad on every playback

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Integrate FlexiCart: Modular VOD Commerce Plugin

FlexiCart offers a modular, versatile shopping cart plugin tailored for VOD platforms, allowing seamless integration with your existing system. It supports a wide range of monetization models including SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and ad-free memberships. This flexibility enables diverse revenue strategies without needing a full platform build.

Dynamic VOD Monetization with Flexibility icon
Dynamic VOD Monetization with Flexibility

FlexiCart supports diverse monetization strategies, enabling your audience to buy, rent, subscribe, or access content via festival passes. Importantly, it allows for easy migration from one VOD model to another and introduces ad-free membership options as part of our AVOD services, offering unprecedented versatility in monetizing content.

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Seamlessly Embeddable and Fully customizable icon
Seamlessly Embeddable and Fully Customizable

FlexiCart offers easy embedding into third-party sites, aligning with your brand through its plug-and-play design. It maintains user experience integrity and supports extensive customization, including pricing, promotions, and access controls, to meet diverse audience needs.

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Secure transaction icon
Secure Transactions

FlexiCart prioritizes security, incorporating stringent protections and seamless Stripe integration for safe transactions. Complying with global standards, it ensures data safety and builds user trust, bolstering your platform's reliability as a trusted VOD provider.

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Global Reach, Local Feel Icon
Global Reach, Local Feel

Leverage FlexiCart to offer localized pricing, promotions, and payment options, enhancing your platform's global appeal while catering to local market nuances.

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Future-proof your service icon
Future-Proof Your Service

As the VOD landscape evolves, so does FlexiCart. Our commitment to continuous improvement means your commerce capabilities will always be at the cutting edge, supporting your platform's growth and adaptation.

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Diverse payment solutions icon
Diverse Payment Solutions

Offer your audience the freedom to pay their way, enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates.

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Seamless stripe integration icon
Seamless Stripe Integration

Leverage Stripe's advanced features for secure, streamlined payment processing, making management a breeze while ensuring customer data protection.

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Elevate Your Platform with FlexiCart

Choosing FlexiCart is not just about enhancing your platform with additional features; it's about strategically expanding your service's monetization potential. By integrating VOD-specific commerce capabilities, you're setting your platform apart in a competitive market, offering your users an enriched, seamless experience that maximizes revenue and engagement.

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Discover the possibilities with FlexiCommerce and take your VOD service to the next level.