Turn your business into a revenue-making machine

Choose from a range of monetization options that best suit your audience


Make it easy for audiences to make purchases on your terms

Global pricing controls

Extend your offering worldwide with country-specific pricing and real-time regional price controls

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Sell curated collections of content under a single price

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Festival passes

Sell festival passes with flexible curation controls and recreate the experience of film hopping at home

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Reward loyalty and build a following 

SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand)

Offer unlimited access to a library of content for a monthly or yearly fee. Ideal for building a loyal subscriber base and ensuring recurring revenue.

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TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand)

Allow your audience the freedom to purchase or rent individual pieces of content. Perfect for monetising specific premium content or new releases.

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AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand)

Provide free access to content supported by advertisements. An excellent choice for reaching a broader audience while generating revenue through ad placements.

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Build hype and grow awareness that maximises revenue with early-bird sales prior to official release 

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Promo codes & discounts

Run targeted promotion campaigns and reward audience loyalty with easy-to-manage promo codes

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Localised platform experiences

Sell to audiences in their currency with support for all major credit cards 

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Increase your revenue and attract sponsors with advertising features that stand out on your platform

Display advertising

Generate advertising impressions and revenue with banner ad placements across your platform

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Sponsorship placement

Enhance sponsorship and advertising partnerships with branded collections of content, custom banners and more

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Donate button

Encourage your audience to donate to your cause with an eye-catching, animated icon on your page

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Pre-roll advertising 

Insert your voice or sell off the segment before any stream with an ad on every playback

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Film festival marketing: from A to VOD

Festivals around the world are continuing to adapt their marketing strategies in a way that balances traditional methods and explores new and established avenues in the digital space to broaden their reach. After dozens of discussions with festivals in every category and theme, we compiled the strategies from your peers that will help you cut through the noise so that others may hear, see, and experience your voice.

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