Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)

Create a subscription model for your platform with flexibility and familiarity.


Create a community around your content with an SVOD model for your platform. Give your audience as much access to your content as you’d like, while ensuring a steady revenue stream for yourself.

- Automatic plan renewals

- Customisable subscription

- Build loyalty and engagement
Appeal to wider audiences with monthly subscription pricing
Understand and predict your revenue stream
Cross-sell subscriptions with premium content and upgraded features
Gain worry-free renewals with customers - set it and forget it

Customisable SVOD platforms in local currencies are easy to set up and maintain. 

Frequently asked questions

Are SVOD customer payments automatically renewed?

Yes! Audiences enter their credit card information once and payments are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period.

How long is an SVOD subscription period?

That’s up to you! Subscription periods are flexible and entirely dependent on your preference. The only limitation is that you can only have one subscription period per site. Make it a day or a year, but not both.

Can I still use the promo code feature to apply to SVOD subscriptions?

Absolutely! Apply any promo codes to your subscription as you see fit.

Does an SVOD subscription grant access to the full library of content, or can I restrict subscription and premium content?

It’s up to you. You’ll be able to offer your audience full access to your entire library of content or restrict access. You’ll also be able to create invite-only subscriptions for your VIP audiences to offer them access to content not available in other subscription models.

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