Data & Analytics

Access advanced reporting and analytics to gain valuable insights into your OTT video performance.

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Real-time video analytics

View real time video analytics that provide a comprehensive overview of your performance down to the performance of each video asset.

User profile analytics

View real time user analytics and segment your audience based on a variety of metadata categories.

Download custom reports

Create and download detailed reports that show insights into customer behaviour and video asset performance. This provides a simple method to presenting and discussing

Modern user-friendly dashboards

View analytics through a purpose-build dashboard systemwith stylish and modern UX design.

Ad performance tracking

Track the performance of your adverting efforts. Change and test ad selection and placement to better optimize ad performance and customer engagement.

Third-party analytics

Integrate your platform with third party analytics and business intelligence tools, like Google Analytics, to reveal unique insights, measure additional variables, and set up goal tracking.

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