Bring your art, relics and NFTs to patrons’ screens

Turn a patron’s screen into a rotating gallery, sync your website to your VOD platform, and put a 24/7 spotlight on the best your artists and collectors have to offer.


Create artist pages

Highlight your individual artists with their own exhibition page on your platform. House their collections, include supplementary materials like interviews, retrospectives, or performances, and link out to your website or theirs.

Encourage engagement by placing QR codes throughout your gallery that link to your platform to learn more about your artists. Help patrons remember the pieces they loved most by revisiting them at home and connect them with other pieces they may find intriguing.


Sell access to artists’ work

Connect your VOD platform to your site or sell artists’ works on a connected ecommerce platform.

Subscription plans

Individual subscription plans allow your patrons to follow their favourite artists and get updates on their latest work.

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Live events

Sell tickets to live performances, lectures, or interviews and enable audiences to tune in from anywhere, on any device.

Rent content

Exhibit your multimedia artists and rent content on your secure platform with flexible controls like watch windows.

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Donate button

Encourage engagement and support with a floating donate button to connect audiences with your organization’s donation page.


Tell their story

With no restrictions on length, tell your artists’ or curator’s stories through written content.


Artist statements

Reviews & essays

Magazine profiles


Events and counting




pieces of content uploaded


Hours to go live

Incorporate images

Your VOD platform isn’t just for video - add images to artists’ collections for a holistic representation of their work. Showcase past collections, include snapshots from within your gallery, or let your audiences browse the current pieces you have for sale.

Turn your patrons’ screens into a home gallery. Let them choose the pieces that work with the tones, colours, and mood of their room to elevate a blank tv screen into a work of art. Allow them to rotate the pieces displayed and enjoy your artists with the household.

examples of gallery art that could be displayed on a Video on demand platform

"When somebody is at a festival, you give them their lanyard, and their program, and their badges, and the idea is that you hope they take photos of that, they upload it to social media, people like that and then they share that. So the digital version of that is on their Shift72 page."

Ronan O'Toole, Still Voices

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"As an entity, we could step back and not have to feel like we were hands-on because we’re so heads-deep into putting on the event. We felt like it was delivered and it exceeded all of our expectations."

Gabe Van Amburgh, South By Southwest (SXSW)

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“We did a lot of stuff really rapidly and it worked - that was the great thing about Shift72 is you can do it pretty quickly and your technical team is really supportive and helpful.”

Gail Kovatseff, Adelaide Film Festival

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