Your Gateway to Universal App Integration

Discover the essence of Shift72's app integration framework. RocketSDK is crafted to empower your brand's presence across a myriad of devices, providing a uniform, high-quality streaming experience. It's the backbone that supports a versatile, far-reaching, and user-focused video streaming service

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Apps & Devices

Engage audiences where they spend their time with RocketSDK, designed to propel your brand onto the apps and devices your customers love

iOS & Android Apps

Tailor-make native apps that resonate with your brand identity

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Chromecast & Airplay

Simplify content casting with integrated support for hassle-free viewer experience

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Apple TV & Android TV

Capitalize on the vast user bases of Apple and Android TV with native apps

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Amazon Fire & Roku

Expand your reach to millions of Amazon Fire Stick, and Fire TV users with custom solutions

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Seamless Experience Across Platforms

Forge a connection with your audience by ensuring a seamless transition from small screens to big entertainment with RocketSDK

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Native App Experience

Fluid and responsive apps that provide a consistent user experience on both iOS and Android devices

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Integrated Casting Solutions

Streamline the viewing experience with easy-to-use casting features for Chromecast and Airplay users

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Living Room Presence

Establish your space in the living room ecosystem with custom apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku

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Branding Consistency

Maintain your visual identity across platforms with the Kibble Templating Engine, offering unparalleled customization

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Robust Protection Across Devices

With RocketSDK, rest assured that your content and brand are protected by leading-edge security protocols, no matter the platform

Comprehensive DRM Support

Deploy industry-standard DRM across all apps to keep your content secure

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Consistent Content Safeguards

Uniform security measures across all devices ensure that your brand integrity remains intact

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Privacy Compliance

Meet global standards for user data protection, including GDPR, to build trust and loyalty

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Streamlined User Access

Our hands-free uploading process and encoding system ensures buffer-free, crystal clear viewing across a wide range of devices

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

A smooth and secure sign-on process that enhances user satisfaction and retention

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device management icon
Device Management

Empower users to manage their device access while maintaining control over user authentication

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Distribution – Effortless & Efficient

RocketSDK simplifies content distribution, enabling your brand to soar across the app ecosystem swiftly and efficiently

Rapid App Deployment

Launch your branded apps quickly on major platforms, reducing time-to-market

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Cross-Platform Content Sync

Ensure your content is up-to-date across all apps with synchronized updates and releases

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Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into app performance and user engagement to continually refine your strategy

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Developer-Friendly Tools

Our hands-free uploading process and encoding system ensures buffer-free, crystal clear viewing across a wide range of devices

comprehensive documentation icon
Comprehensive Documentation

Get up and running with ease thanks to detailed guides and support documentation

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Developer Support

Access our expert team for support to navigate any challenges during integration and deployment

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Make your Shift on demand

Connect with our team to discuss how these delivery features can help you make your Shift on demand.