Branded Apps

Meet audiences where they watch content the most with a video app branded to your business


Available on handheld devices and smart TVs, a branded app connects your content with the nearly 80% of audiences who watch videos on their mobiles. Audiences download your app for free, login with their existing username and password, and gain access to the content they’ve stored in their video library.

- Colours and icons customisable to your brand

- Multiple language options available

- Compatible with all handheld devices and smart TVs

- Available in audiences’ preferred app stores
Increase brand visibility with a constant presence on audiences’ devices
Reach new audiences
Simplify access and provide HD viewing experience on smart TVs
Learn more about your audiences’ viewing habits and device preferences
Create a value-add for audiences and/or subscribers
Add another layer of DRM security to protect your content
a picture of two cell phones displaying ready player one on a video on demand platform

Branded to your specifications, an app makes your business more visible to audiences and has an intuitive user experience that communicates quality and value.

Frequently asked questions

Is in-app purchasing available?

Not at this time. For now, audiences can only make purchases through your web platform and add content to their video library to watch on the app. This ensures that the money you are charging for your content stays with your organisation.

What’s the turnaround time on my app’s production?

Fast…really fast. We aim to have your branded app up and running in less than a week.

Can I apply the same security features to my app as my web platform?

Most security features like geoblocking, encryption, watch windows - even visible and forensic watermarking - can be applied to content on your branded app. Plus, you get an additional layer of security from the built-in DRM protections on handheld devices and TVs. This makes your app even more secure than viewing content on a web browser.

What is the cost for adding the app to our platform?

Premiere and Enterprise plans come with apps included. Those in Starter, Essentials, or Professional plans who wish to add branded apps to their offering suite may do so for a setup cost of $200 a month plus an annual licence fee.  This is a far more cost-effective solution than the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to build it in-house or outsource it.

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