Making the Shift into the hybrid future

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Our story

On October 19, 1896, Moe and Mitchell Mark took their purchased Vitascope projector and opened Edison’s Vitascope Theatre, the world’s first 72 seat theatre dedicated to showing motion pictures. It signalled one of the most poignant shifts in entertainment history and became the inspiration for the Shift72 name in 2010.

Fast forward 125 years: with larger screens, new home entertainment systems, faster communications tools, and circumstances that entice more time at home, a shift continues to emerge with a hybrid model of at-home entertainment enthusiasts, remote employees, and new audiences eager for emerging education and development opportunities.

No longer restricted to the confines of that first 72 seat theatre, with Shift72’s secure, on-demand solutions, the world is your audience.


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Our leadership team

Meet the people leading the way into the hybrid future

David White
Founder and CEO
Mark Sargent
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Damian Bartolomucci
Head of Growth Marketing
Simon Crutchley
VP of Content and Acquisition
Rebecca Horrocks
UI / UX Lead
Spencer Lowe
Sales Manager

Board members

Our team behind the screen working to power Shift72

Phil McCaw
John Anderson
John Barnett
Trevor Dickinson


Meet the people leading the way into the hybrid future

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