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A Game Changer for Loyalty Programs

Low cost - High value rewards
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The Shift72 Difference

A New Era for Loyalty Rewards

In a world where customer retention is the cornerstone of business success, Shift72 introduces a groundbreaking way to enhance loyalty programs.

Our platform transforms unused loyalty points into premium Video On Demand (VOD) experiences, offering a sustainable and engaging reward that keeps your members coming back for more.

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worth of unused loyalty points sit idle globally*

It's not just a number—it's an opportunity.

Shift72 helps you convert this dormant asset into active engagement, reducing liabilities and refreshing your loyalty program with new and relevant content.

*Source: LoyaltyOne COLLOQUY Speaks research paper

How It Works

Seamless Experience for Members and Brands

Our platform integrates effortlessly with your existing loyalty program, allowing members to redeem points for VOD content with ease.

From the latest blockbusters to classic favourites, your members can enjoy a cinematic experience on any device, at any time.

a flow chart of how a loyalty program VOD integration could work flowing from: Awareness & incentive, to Purchase, to Reward, to Reinforce, to Redeem, to Entertain & Retain, to Track & Re-engage
Why Shift72?

Why Choose Shift72's VOD for Your Loyalty Program?

Our platform is built for engagement. With eco-friendly digital rewards, we help you foster a sustainable brand image. Plus, our data-driven insights allow you to understand and cater to your audience's preferences, ensuring every movie watched is a point well spent.

Sustainable Entertainment: Our digital rewards reduce the carbon footprint, aligning with eco-friendly practices and member values, while eliminating shipping costs.

Emotional Engagement: Movies evoke emotions and create memories. Offer rewards that touch hearts and build lasting brand loyalty.

Reduced Financial Liabilities: Convert potential financial burdens into valuable experiences, optimising your balance sheet and delight your members.

Data-Driven Insights: Utilise our analytics to understand viewing trends and better understand your customers.

Evergreen Content: With new releases added regularly, your loyalty program will always have something fresh and exciting to offer, driving user retention, and creating upsell opportunities.

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Get world-class content

Take the hassle out of acquiring content rights with access to a constant supply of Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) content, new releases, and thousands of library titles from leading studios.


Enhance Your Existing Platform with VODKit

Looking for flexible video streaming solutions that integrate with your current platform?

VODKit offers the perfect blend of our advanced technology and customization, ready to be embedded directly into your existing service.


“I’m a technical person and this is the definition of a product that you don’t want to build yourself, in terms of, particularly, the player and the platform, the security aspects. This is the definition of a platform that you want to work with a partner on, and then add value where you can."

Andrew Turner, Event Cinemas

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Andrew Turner

“We required streaming quality and protection to a level of Netflix or iTunes; Shift72 was the perfect company to deliver on this.”

Jerome Paillard, Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes

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Jerome Paillard

"You are on top of a very sensitive area and providing very, very good quality of work. And we were generally pleased, and everybody was quite relieved. ”

Ferhan Sterk, London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF)

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Ferhan Sterk

Ready to breathe new life into your loyalty program?

Contact us today to learn how Shift72 can help you create a more engaging, dynamic, and valuable rewards experience.