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Get access to content from leading studios, incorporate loyalty programs, and turn your in-person experience into an online event with a reach that stretches beyond your local cinema.


Build trust with distributors

Our best-in-class security features are designed to satisfy even the most strict distribution requirements from the world’s most popular studios and distributors, giving you peace of mind that your platform is secure.

Starting with the gold standard, studio-grade DRM, you can add cutting-edge features like forensic watermarking, a content protection policy, and more to keep your content under lock and key.


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Get world-class content

Take the hassle out of acquiring content rights with access to a constant supply of Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) content, new releases, and thousands of library titles from leading studios.


Turn your content into revenue

A variety of purchasing options means there’s something for everyone in your audience.

Rent or sell films

Control rental windows and set pricing for purchase to give audiences the films they’ll love for a night, or forever.

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Build excitement for a film's release, offer your early birds discounts, and generate early sales through your platform.

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Custom banners

Promote the films you’re screening in-cinema or showcase your partners with flexible banners customisable to your brand.

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Ad placement

Embed logos, create branded film collections, or dedicate a page to your sponsors with a variety of flexible ad options.

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Reward audiences

Incentivize in-home and in-cinema transactions by integrating your existing loyalty program and membership deals.

Incentivize purchasing

Earn rewards for online purchases and redeem them in-cinema, or use points earned in-person to enjoy the movie of the week at home - there’s endless options to get your audience excited about having the best of both worlds.  

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Promote loyalty

Encourage participation in your loyalty program by requiring sign up for VOD access, then invite members to exclusive in-cinema events like advanced screenings, family nights, limited screenings, special events and more.

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Simplify access

Make it easy for your customers to access your VOD content with single sign-on technology linked to your existing loyalty program.

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Easy delivery & ingestion

Take the hassle out of uploads with Shift72’s low-touch delivery and ingestion services.

Content aware encoding

Cloud-based servers

Zen player

Adaptive streaming


“I’m a technical person and this is the definition of a product that you don’t want to build yourself, in terms of, particularly, the player and the platform, the security aspects. This is the definition of a platform that you want to work with a partner on, and then add value where you can."

Andrew Turner, Event Cinemas

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Andrew Turner

“We required streaming quality and protection to a level of Netflix or iTunes; Shift72 was the perfect company to deliver on this.”

Jerome Paillard, Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes

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Jerome Paillard

"You are on top of a very sensitive area and providing very, very good quality of work. And we were generally pleased, and everybody was quite relieved. ”

Ferhan Sterk, London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF)

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Ferhan Sterk

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VODKit offers the perfect blend of our advanced technology and customization, ready to be embedded directly into your existing service.

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