Pitch to your audience with introductory video content that spotlights and monetises messaging


Pre-roll is a video segment that plays at the start of any content on your platform. It’s a great way to showcase your organisation, highlight your speakers, generate revenue, and build awareness for your sponsors, your brand, or your content. And with simplified tools, adding pre-roll to your videos is fast and easy.

-Customisable by video

-Intuitive curation tools
Generate revenue with paid advertisements
Upsell films or experiences with bonus content like director introductions
Boost brand awareness and reinforce corporate messaging
Build excitement for upcoming events or new films
Promote awareness with land acknowledgements
Connect with audiences in prime engagement moments
A picture of a screen showing pre-roll advertising

Curating your pre-roll content is fast and easy with tools that give you complete control over the visibility of your messaging.

Frequently asked questions

Are there limits on what I can run in my pre-roll content?

Nope! You can run anything you’d like for your audiences. Ads, trailers, director commentaries, land grant information, sponsorships - it’s completely up to you.

Can I ingest and add my pre-roll content myself?

Absolutely - all the tools you need to upload and add pre-roll content to your videos are completely in your hands.

Can audiences skip my pre-roll content?

No - there is no ‘skip’ button or fast-forward controls so your audience’s attention is maintained for the duration of the pre-roll.

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