Control and protect your content, brand, and data

Build confidence that creators and distributors can entrust their content to you and stay competitive in your industry with cutting-edge security features that protect your brand and data.

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Content protection

The gold standard of digital content security is all here.

Studio-grade Digital Rights Management

Protect your content from unauthorised access with a multi-pronged security system

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Multikey DRM

Restrict playback by device, software, and hardware with the most sensitive DRM protections available

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Output protection

Deny playback to video outputs to prevent piracy and block unauthorised users from streaming content

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Discourage piracy by displaying a user’s personal information as a visible watermark on the screen

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Restrict access to content by location and satisfy distributor requirements 

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Credit card verification

Real-time authentications to validate audience identity

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Lock up your content and control the keys with restrictions built into video encoding and playback systems

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Advanced proxy detection

Prevent unauthorized access to geoblocked content and circumvent users attempting to change device location

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Device limits

Limit the number of devices that can be used on a single account to prevent password sharing

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Concurrent streaming limits

Restrict the number of devices that can stream content simultaneously

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Stay up-to-date with the latest protections and restrictions on data


Privacy protections for both your business and your users

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Maintain EU data restrictions and ensure GDPR protections are in place

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Cloud-based servers

Encrypted cloud storage delivers with speed and gives you control over where your data is held

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Security: The foundation of film distributor trust

As the entertainment industry at large moves into the digital future, understanding how security measures affect your ability to secure content - and trust - from concerned distributors will be what sets you apart from your competitors and ensures your VOD platform can deliver for your audience.

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