Forensic Watermarking

Protect your content with unparalleled watermarking technology that identifies individual users and offers rapid investigation reporting


Forensic watermarking is a highly sensitive security measure that protects your content by attaching a code, or “fingerprint,” to individual users. It removes the veil of anonymity and makes it possible to identify who is watching your content, which in turn makes it possible to easily identify and locate those users in the event of a piracy breach. It’s like having security cameras on every shelf in a store, or having a customer register their name or a business card after making a purchase. If piracy does occur, forensic watermarking can help you pinpoint who’s behind it.

- Unique forensic “fingerprint” code assigned to individual users

- Works on any device

- Watermark is imperceptible to audiences
Monitor and track illegal usage of content
Rapidly respond to breaches within hours
Sensitivity to detect a camera recording screens
Improves trust and credibility with distributors

Forensic watermarking assigns a unique code to each user who watches a video by switching seamlessly between two different versions of a recording, creating a distinctive pattern assigned to that specific user.

Acting like a fingerprint, this unique code can be traced back to an individual audience member. The presence of forensic watermarking serves as a deterrent to piracy, disincentivizing screen/output capturing and video tampering due to the ease and speed in which piracy can be identified. If a piracy breach does occur, this individual code allows for faster identification than previous investigations, often within a matter of hours.

Frequently asked questions

How will forensic watermarking impact my storage capacity?

Because two separate versions of a file are combined to create one half of a forensically watermarked film, the size of the watermarked file is roughly quadruple the size of a non-watermarked film. For example, if the average feature length film is 11.25gb, a forensically watermarked version would be about 45gb. It’s a larger file, but it carries a best-in-class security feature along with it.

Is this included in all packages?

Forensic watermarking is included in our premium package, but is available as an add-on to the professional package.

How fast can Shift72 provide an investigation report?

Fast. Generally speaking, we can provide an investigation report in a matter of (business) hours depending on the quality of the pirated content.

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