Control your audience. Restrict playback and purchasing by country or geographical region.


Geoblocking makes it easier to manage your distribution agreements by giving you control over your audiences’ geographies. It ensures blocked regions cannot access content, even with the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)* or other location masking tools.

- By Country or Region

- By Purchase and/or Playback
Protect licensed and copyrighted content
Maintain control of intellectual property
Improves trust and credibility with distributors
Cater your content to specific regional needs
Greater controls over accessibility of content
A abstract picture of two different land masses

By country or region, purchase and playback, geoblocking gives you control over the locations where users can access your content.

Frequently asked questions

Is this feature available with every package?

Yes! Every package includes geoblocking technology.

Are there resources on how to use/configure geoblocking?

We have support guides and an Admin User Guide available to help you configure geoblocking (along with our other features), but we’re always available for support on the phone or in our chat!

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