crystal encoding

Superior Video Encoding, Superior Streaming

Crystal Encoding boosts your video streaming with smart, secure video encoding technology, ensuring top-notch viewing on any device.

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Crystal Encoding's Advanced Solutions

Crystal Encoding transforms video streaming with adaptive video encoding technology and robust security, delivering exceptional quality and efficiency across all devices.

take advantage of our easy-to-use upload interface, or integrate using our video transcoding API

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Content-Aware Encoding

Leverage intelligent encoding that dynamically adapts to the unique demands of each piece of content, saving you storage costs while ensuring optimal quality and efficiency for every stream.

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Cloud-Based Streaming

Utilize our flexible, scalable encoding solutions for your on-demand content, guaranteeing reliability and high performance under any conditions.

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Enhanced Streaming with Adaptive Bitrate

Deliver a seamless viewing experience with adaptive bitrate streaming, automatically adjusting video quality in real time to match the viewer's internet speed.

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Robust Security Measures

Protect your content with advanced studio-grade DRM encryption, backed by comprehensive CDN support and using Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay, and Microsoft Playready for rapid, secure delivery.

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Multi-Region Uploads

Experience swift, localized content uploads with our global server network, enhancing encoding speed and reliability.

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Seamless Integration and Superior Content Management

In a world where digital content can be as vulnerable as it is valuable, Shift Player stands guard like a digital fortress.

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Smart Upload

Simplify content management from upload to broadcast. Our intelligent system seamlessly adapts to the type of content being uploaded, streamlining the entire process.

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Adaptive Audio & Subtitles

Automatically configure multi-channel sound with smart audio channel mapping and extend your global reach with multi-language subtitle support.

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Collaborative Content Creation

Enhance your content library effortlessly by inviting contributors to upload directly to your system, fostering collaboration and expanding your offerings.

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Experience Superior Technology at Unbeatable Prices with Outstanding Service

Pay as you go

No minimum spend

3¢ per minute

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Every minute after 70,000 minutes per month

2¢ per minute

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Need a huge amount of encoding minutes?

Contact us for volume pricing

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Sounds great, now what?

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Standard-Definition (SD)

Every minute of SD video (that's anything with an output frame size smaller than 1280 x 720) is counted just like it sounds - one straightforward minute towards your encoding credits.

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High-Definition (HD)

Stepping up the clarity to HD quality (with output frame sizes from 1280 x 720 up to 2048 x 1080) means each minute is valued at double, using two of your regular minutes' worth of encoding credits.

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Make your Shift on demand

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