Crystal Encoding

A scalable cloud based encoding system for ingesting on-demand and live video content to be published across multiple devices and apps.

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Deliver to every screen

Launch a multi-screen video platform that is supported across all apps and devices. Crystal Encoding achieves this using HTTP stream packaging that focuses on a broad range of formats using HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Handles all file formats

Crystal Encoding supports a fully inclusive range of video file formats. While you upload videos, customize video metadata and start organising your content. Crystal Encoding takes care of the rest.

Multi-bitrate Encoding

Give your viewers the best streaming experience possible with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming. This works by automatically adjusting video playback based on the viewers internet connectivity.

Use world-class copy protection

Ensure content is protected to the highest level possible with world-class DRM Encryptions and non-removable watermarking.

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