Multi-Key DRM

Restrict playback options by device, software, and hardware for individual film titles.


Multi-key DRM technology powers a new delivery and content protection policy for video on demand (VOD) platforms which allows administrators to identify their most vulnerable content and add an additional layer of security to protect it from theft. By giving administrators more control over playback options for various devices, multi-key DRM offers more confidence that your content is safe and secure.


Delivery Policy

Platform administrators determine the risk of piracy for individual film titles.

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Content Protection Policy and Risk Assessment

Once the risk level of a film is assigned, multi-key DRM identifies a user’s device type, software, and presence of hardware and restricts playback options to SD or HD, or blocks playback entirely.

Together, the Delivery Policy and multi-key DRM create a Content Protection Policy that protects content from piracy in a more sensitive and individualized manner than traditional DRM technologies.

Improves trust and credibility with distributors
Greater control over individual film playback options
Works in tandem with existing DRM technologies
Identify devices and software to restrict playback

Content protection policy options are demonstrated above, showcasing the various device, software, and hardware playback combinations possible with multi-key DRM.

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Creating a Content Protection Policy with Multi-Key DRM

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