Sponsorship Placement

Highlight your sponsors with pages, collections, logos and banners


Delight your sponsors with customisable placements throughout your platform. Get creative and enable your audience to engage with sponsors.

- Banners

- Sponsor pages

- Create sponsored collections
Create a new revenue stream with customizable packages
Increase exposure for your sponsors
Engage audiences with organic sponsorship materials
Create custom pages that link to sponsor websites

With multiple placement options, showcasing your sponsors has never been easier or more inventive. By taking advantage of all sponsorship features, you can enhance your sponsorship offering through packages that include banner placement, sponsored collections in your carousel, and individual sponsor pages to give your partners the most exposure on your platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I track activity on the sponsored ads?

While you can’t track activity on your platform, you can track pre-roll from your ad server.

Is this included in all packages?

It depends - some sponsorship placements are included, but others are add ons. Your customer success representative can answer any questions you have about what’s included in your package.

Am I limited on the number of sponsor placements I can have?

Each individual film is limited to a single sponsor image though additional sponsorship can be applied by using the Shift72 Native Pre-Roll feature.

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