Ad-supported Video on Demand (AVOD)

Monetise your content through advertisements, offering easy access to your audience.


Provide easy access to your content library while generating revenue through targeted advertisements. With an AVOD model, you can attract a larger audience base and partner with advertisers for mutual benefits.

- Easy access to content for viewers

- Monetise through video ads, banners, and branding

- Targeted advertising through easy integration with leading ad servers
Attract a larger audience with free content access
Generate consistent ad revenue from high viewer traffic
Partner with brands and advertisers for sponsored content
Customisable ad placements and durations

AVOD platform CMS helps you structure custom advertising with ease

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right advertisers for my content?

The Shift72 platform provides detailed analytics to understand your audience, helping you partner with relevant advertisers.

Can I offer both AVOD and other models like SVOD and on the same platform?

Absolutely! You can combine different monetisation models to cater to diverse audience preferences.

How often will ads be shown to viewers?

This is customisable. You can set ad frequencies, durations, and placements based on your content strategy.

Can viewers skip ads?

This depends on your platform settings. You can allow skippable ads or choose to have non-skippable ads for higher revenue.

Make your Shift on demand

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