Simplify your audience's purchasing with bundles. Combine themed content or grant multi-content streams all in a single package.


Curate collections of content with bundles. Include as many titles you want, determine your own price, and control offering limits to create exclusivity.

- Create your own collections

- Set sales limits

- Highlight your offering on your carousel
Curate thematic collections to highlight specific content
Incentivize purchasing with bulk discounts
Reward loyalty with limited festival bundles

Drag and drop titles to curate collections and showcase content by type, genre, theme, and more

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to the number of films I can put in a bundle?

Nope! Add as many or as little as you’d like, the choice is entirely yours.

Can I restrict the number of bundles sold?

Yes - you can limit the number of bundles sold in your dashboard controls. Pre-set the maximum number to be sold, or cut off sales at any point.

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