Festival Passes

Give your audience easy access to the best your festival has to offer - and introduce your audience to content they may not have noticed before - under one simplified plan


Festival passes allow you to create multiple plans individually available for purchase on your platform. Lasting the duration of your festival, audiences gain access to curated content of your choosing. CTA buttons at the top and/or bottom of the page make it easy for audiences to make purchases and enjoy more of your festival.

- One-off purchase plans

- Easy to create and manage
Timing Flexibility: Add content entries at a time that suits you best
Customization: Create a customer package focused on any category
Affordability: Capture audience segments with an affordable teaser offering
Festival Experience: Recreate the experience of film hopping at home

Easily create festival passes for sale in local currencies on your VOD platform

Frequently asked questions

How are festival passes different from bundles?

They’re similar, but festival passes give you greater control over managing your content. Where bundles cannot be modified after creation, festival passes offer more flexibility and can be modified anytime, allowing you to add content whenever you see fit without disrupting your audiences’ video libraries.

Can I manage pre-sales for content?

Yes! Pre-sales controls, like availability dates, are possible with festival passes.

Are there limits on the amount of content you can include in a pass?

Nope! You can create all-access festival passes that make everything on your platform available to audiences, or you can limit it to specific titles grouped by theme, genre, category and more.

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