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Theatrical Windows Are Being Broken As Films Go Straight To VOD

Movie Theatres around the world are being forced to close their doors amid the Coronavirus outbreak. This has left Film Distributors with little choice but to abandon the theatrical window in an unprecedented move to get films in front of audiences before the opportunity goes a miss.

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Shift72 Is Powering SXSW Film Festival As They Go All Digital To Avoid Coronavirus Shutdown

Film competitions for both feature-length and short films will be conducted digitally via the SXSW platform - powered by Shift72 - allowing press and industry members to watch films in isolation, from the comfort of their own homes, without having to put themselves at risk.

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Coronavirus Cripples the Entire Chinese Film Industry: Is Your Cinema Business Adequately Prepared?

Total ticket revenue in China over the past 20 days has totaled just $3.9 million, compared to $1.52 billion during the same stretch last year. Local film players now believe drastic government action could be necessary to save many companies.

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A Solution To Minimize The Rising Cost Of The Coronavirus

As we enter this next phase of Coronavirus outbreak event based businesses need to consider the impact it will have on their success. People are avoiding making public appearances, especially those which involve a crowd

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The OTT Streaming Transformation Taking Over the Industry

The entertainment industry is bracing itself for a full OTT streaming takeover. Fueling this major shift is a growing readiness from consumers to adopt streaming services for their video entertainment.

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Never Underestimate the Strategic Prowess of Disney’s CEO Bob Iger

Bob Iger's latest move is the launch of Disney's very own streaming service called Disney+, which aims to take on Netflix for the number one spot among streaming services.

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The Business Case for a Branded Video Channel

Finding cost effective strategies to increase revenue is a challenge for any business, especially for Marketers who are required to reach customers and translate this through to sales.

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Youtube vs Vimeo: Is there a better alternative for Business?

Currently, Youtube and Vimeo are the two most widely used online video platforms for hosting and delivering video, but as we enter the next frontier of content marketing change seems to be on the horizon.

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Live Streaming Risks and Mitigation: From QoS to QoE

Do you know the big quality of service issues related to live streaming and the ways to mitigate them?

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Using React Native to Build High Performance Video Apps

How we reduced development costs and improved time-to-market when deploying video apps

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Marché Du Film Launches New Video Library App for Cinando

We built new iOS and Android apps for Cinando

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The Importance of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Providing all viewers with the best possible viewing experience respective of internet connectivity

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The Growth of LIVE Streaming and OTT Video for Broadcasters

A case study analysis on New Zealand's changing Broadcast industry

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Why choose a single vendor Video Media Platform solution

The quickest, simplest, most cost effective way to launch and manage video online

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