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Secure and customisable video on demand platform that gives you the flexibility to do it your way.

Stay ahead of the curve and be where your viewers are: everywhere.

Superior Content Delivery

Store allows you to stand out from the competition with superior content delivery across multiple devices. Your customers will experience an exceptional viewing experience with the highest quality playback and the freedom to enjoy content when, where and how they chose.

Make It Yours

Store allows you to optimize your platform with stunning front end design customized to your brand. Choose from effective templates or custom designs that deliver a seamless experience that’s uniquely yours. We’re flexible so anything is possible.

Run It Your Way

Store comes complete with all the tools you need to run your own successful video on demand platform. Our admin dashboard brings together content management, engagement reporting tools and geo-blocking. It’s designed to be easy for you to use, so you can get your platform up and running right away.

“With the technology that SHIFT72 have harnessed and the software they have developed, it is now possible that we can stream our films to audiences around the world”

Ron Brown CEO of Ozflix

The best anti-piracy protection

All platforms come fully equipped with studio-grade Digital Rights Management (DRM) that ensures supported devices have the highest level of copy-protection. This technology protects against illegal downloads by encrypting content and fending off all unauthorised connections that try to intercept the video stream and download content.

  • Video Watermarking

    SHIFT72’s watermarking feature allows you to safeguard your content from piracy tools like screen capture software. It does this by inserting a non-removable watermark tag, such as the user's IP Address onto the viewers video during playback. This will deter users from using piracy tools, as it will easily identify them as the criminal.

  • Advanced Proxy Detection

    SHIFT72’s advanced proxy detector will stop viewers accessing content while using an indirect network connection (proxy server). This means all users will be easily identified, which holds them accountable and therefore deters piracy behaviour.

  • Geo-blocking

    Restrict the accessibility of your content based upon the viewer’s geographical location, and also control the distribution windowing for content to ensure the smooth release of films to your platform. This will allow you to meet content licence terms and avoid Copyright infringements.

  • Secure Cloud Storage

    Secure cloud storage gives you the opportunity for infinite scalability and flexibility, all while ensuring content is kept safe. SHIFT72’s secure cloud infrastructure is protected by studio grade DRM, powerful encryption and firewalls. This means you content is kept under tight lock & key and you won’t have to worry about misplacing content as it all will be backed up on the cloud.

Microsoft PlayReady
Apple FairPlay
Google WideVine

Deliver Everywhere

Deliver content across multiple devices without compromising quality or security

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Completely customized platform lets you choose the user experience. Fully branded and easily distinguishable.

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Protect your video content with studio-grade DRM technology. Control accessibility at a granular level. Watermark your content to identify piracy sources.

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Using either transactional, subscription, or ad-supported video on demand you can operate using multiple revenue streams.

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Organise your entire library and manage content ingestion. Create your own features using our API & seek guidance from our help & support team.

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Access deep insights into sales activity & customer engagement. View real-time user / sales data at a glance. Integrate with your email campaigns and use promotional codes to boost user engagement.

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