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Events are evolving into hybrid entertainment brands: Let us power your Shift.

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SHIFT72 event Solution

The Premium Streaming Solution for a Hybrid World

Grow Your Event's Reach & Revenue

Roll out the digital red carpet and open new revenue streams with an all-in-one streaming platform.

Branded to You & Rapidly Delivered

Rapidly deploy your own festival branded streaming platform, ready for your hybrid future, today.

Engage Your Audience

Create year-round exposure for your event. Delighting both your audiences and your sponsors.

Proven Platform Performance at Scale

Deliver a seamless streaming experience, regardless of audience size or geographical location.


Increase Your Event's Revenue

Shift72 platforms come ready to sell films to your audiences. Complete with all the tools you need to run a successful video streaming platform

Shift72 is the Leading Solution for Monetizing Events Online

Turn your event into a revenue-making machine.

DRM & Copy Protection

Secure  Your Content with Best-in-Class DRM & Piracy Protection

Studio Grade DRM
Anonymous Proxy Detection
Forensic Watermarking
Concurrent Streaming Detection
Device Restriction & Management
256b Bank-Level Encryption

All the Tools You Need to Succeed

Curate Your Way

Take Full Control of Your Platform

Easy drag-and-drop curation and a complete video CMS puts you in total control of your streaming business.

From uploading content to creating collections and pages.

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Apps & devices

Delight Your Audiences

Deliver stunning VOD experiences across browsers, apps and smart TVs.

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Promote Your Sponsors

Carefully insert banner ad placements across your video channel to increase advertising impressions and revenue generated.

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Your brand

Branded to Your Event

Shift72 platforms are fully customisable to your brand guidelines.

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Data & Reporting

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights with our powerful reporting and analytics, helping drive your growth and marketing initiatives.

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Rights Holders

Accurately Report Rights Holder Revenue

Set up pricing windows and distributor splits to automate the reporting to your content licensors.

Secure private screenings

Press & Industry Screening Rooms

Invite Press and Industry to a secure and private screening room environment.

Global Reach

Extend Your Event's Reach

Shift72 platforms come complete with features to extend your reach. Multi-language, geo-blocking, country specific pricing & currency and more.

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Integrations to Extend Your Platform

Shift72's purpose-built integrations allow you to plug into services you already use and to extend your offering with new features.

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Powerful All-in-one event streaming platform

The Complete Hybrid Solution

Live Streaming
Member Plans
Event Passes
Curation & Scheduling
Chat Integration
Reporting & Analytics
Pricing Windows
Sponsor Ads
Studio Grade DRM
Private Screenings
Rent & Sell Content
SHIFT72 Event Solution

Events are Evolving Into Hybrid Entertainment Brands.
Let Us Power Your Shift.


Powering events in over 50 countries around the world.


Over 100,000 films uploaded and secured in the last 12 months.


Get up and running with a complete platform in 24 hours.