Security & DRM

Protect valuable content with built in studio grade digital rights management (DRM) technology and an additional array of anti-piracy features.

Studio grade DRM

Manage licensed content across all platforms and devices with Digital Rights Management encryptions. This includes Native DRM encryptions (Microsoft Playready, Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay) to ensure reliable protection.

Granular-level geoblocking

Control the accessibility of content in different territories. This ensures all your licensed content agreements and distributor obligations remain intact.

Advanced proxy detection

Prevent purchases and restrict viewing access when a users account is flagged as being on a proxy server.


Embed a non removable watermark into content to deter criminals from employing screen capture methods used to illegally copy content. It works by watermarking content with the criminal user’s IP address so the source of piracy can easily be tracked.

Concurrent stream restrictions

Limit the amount of devices a user can stream content on simultaneously.

Zen Player token

The Zen Player token encryption verifies user accounts and ensures playback only occurs on SHIFT72’s Zen Player video player.

Device registration

Limit streaming to a specific number of registered devices, IP addresses, or domains.

Credit card verification

When a customer purchases content or a subscription package the credit card is verified by checking the purchase location and the cards country of issue match.

Certification & SSO

Simplify user sign up by allowing new users to authenticate their account using another credible platform.

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