DRM & Security

The most secure video streaming solution.

Easily secure video content with DRM and an additional array of anti-piracy features.

Digital rights management

Secure studio level content with DRM.

Operate with DRM integrated into your video encoding and playback system. This type of encryption is required for studio grade content and ensures playback only occurs on the authenticated video player.


Control the accessibility of content in different territories.

Geoblocking ensures all your content agreements and distributor obligations remain intact.

Advanced proxy detection

Prevent viewing on accounts using a proxy server.

This stops users changing their device location so they can access locally restricted content.


Embed a non-removable watermark into content.

This deters criminals from employing screen capture methods used to illegally copy content. It works by watermarking content with the criminal user’s IP address so they identity can be exposed.

Concurrent stream restrictions

Limit the amount of devices a user can stream content on simultaneously.

This prevents multiple people sharing accounts, instead of purchasing their own.

Secure payments

Utilize credit card verification to insure secure payment processing.

Give your customers a user friendly sign up and checkout experience, all while being secure.

"We required streaming quality to the level of Netflix or iTunes. Shift72 were the perfect company to deliver on this."

Jerome Paillard
Executive Director, Marché Du Film

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