National Business Review

NBR TV is a live online channel delivering business news around New Zealand.

The National Business Review is one of the most trusted sources of news for the New Zealand Business sector. With consumers having greater access to information, and more choice in a competitive market NBR knew they needed to find a way to add value to their news and media business. They decided to launch a live online channel to showcase trending business news.

Since 1970 The National Business Review has provided the New Zealand Business community with expert journalism on areas such as Business, Property, Law and Technology, among others. Following their evolution into online publishing NBR also expanded into online radio during 2015. In early 2018 with the help of SHIFT72, NBR launched NBR TV, a live online channel connected to their website. At the time NBR hosted 55,000 unique site visitors a week, and like many publications felt a need to advance their content strategy as consumers demand news in the most appealing, instantaneous and convenient way.

NBR required a live streaming solution that was easy to integrate with their existing web infrastructure and would offer reliable and quality streaming. It was SHIFT72's APIs that gave them access to all this, along with useful documentation to help developers integrate the technology.

NBR TV features interviews, reports and updates accessible to NBR subscribers. After introducing a paywall to the website in 2009, NBR have been constantly developing their premium offering to attract paying individual and business subscriptions. NBR currently delivers content to private and business subscribers across written, radio and now video channels.

The move to implement a live online stream puts NBR among some of the best media outlets in the business. Local New Zealand Broadcasters such as TVNZ and TV3 both offer live online streams also. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for NBR as they continue to expand their content strategy and grow their business.

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