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Every Aussie Movie. Ever.

Ozflix is well on its way to becoming the digital home of ‘Every Aussie Movie. Ever.’ Although this may seem like an ambitious task, it is this type of huge insurmountable ridiculous challenge that excites CEO Ron Brown. After spending an hour talking with him it is easy to see the passion driving his commitment to making every Aussie film easily accessible to both local and international audiences. If this task wasn't hard enough already, when Ron set out on the journey he had absolutely no experience with video on demand and the streaming technology that Ozflix would rely on. It took two hard years of indigestion before Ozflix was ready to launch.

Progress was halted as the challenge of finding a technology partner loomed overhead. Initially Ron thought he had hit a lucky break when an Australian technology company came forward with what appeared to be the appropriate solution. However, after discussions with a number of glamourous international film studios in Hollywood on their stringent anti-piracy and digital rights management requirements it became quite obvious that this company didn’t quite make the cut. After eight months thinking everything was going smoothly, Ozflix was back to square one having to find a technology partner, so the search resumed. It took many many hours talking to people in opposite time zones, flying back and forth to Sydney, and many visitors to Melbourne before a breakthrough appeared. Nestled across the ditch in New Zealand was Shift72. After meeting with their CEO, David White, Ron new he had found someone that can do all that Ozflix would require, especially in regards to the digital rights management requirements that burdened him before. He was also confident that Shift72 would be able to quickly develop the additional software that Ozflix would need down the line.

Having Shift72 on board for the journey also meant Ron could orchestrate the design of the platform accordingly. This was an important freedom as plugging the current Ozflix graphic onto the platform would save Ron a whole lot of effort compared to having to completely reinvent the design. Ron goes on to express just how handy this feature is for niche players like himself who require a specialised design. He also expressed just how closely Shift72 has worked alongside Ozflix to help improve operations in small iterative ways as discoveries have been made along the journey. So far Ozflix are three months into the project since launch and people visiting the platform seem to enjoy the experience.

“With the technology that SHIFT72 have harnessed and the software they have developed, it is now possible that we can stream our films to audiences around the world”

Ron Brown CEO of Ozflix

Heading into the future, Ron hopes to consistently add films over the next couple months, with the aim of having somewhere around 1000 films online by the one year mark and an even deeper catalog further down the line. Now set up with video on demand, Ozflix may just be able to house Every Aussie Movie. Ever.

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