Live Streaming

Deliver broadcast quality live experiences for sports, channels and events.

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Reliable & consistent quality

Quickly set up and manage your live streams. Our cloud based live stream encoding and delivery system allows you
to easily scale up or down based on your needs.

Deliver to every screen

Launch a multi-screen live stream that is supported across all apps and devices. This is achieved using HTTP stream packaging that focuses on a broad range of formats using HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Reach a global audience

Deliver your live stream to any audience and use geo-blocking to ensure content is only made available in the markets you decide.

Rapid scalability

Whether your looking to go live with a single channel or are looking to go live with 40 channels, our cloud infrastructure can support your operation.

Flixable monetization

Choose to monazite your live stream using ads, or a subscription or transactional revenue model.

Proactive network monitoring

Proactively monitor your network performance or hand it over to our network centre to do so.

Easy server-side ad insertion

Insert ads dynamically into your live streams to ensure a cohesive viewing experience is delivered.

Live to VOD playback

Allow viewers to pause and resume live playback and watch later on demand.

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