Live stream your event with Shift72 live

Shift72’s all-in-one video distribution platform allows you to reach your audiences in real-time or on their time. See how major global events are using a combined virtual and in-person offering to extend their reach and create loyal, returning audiences.


Flexibility to adapt to any business model you employ

Improve your profit margins on every event 

With a post-event purchase option, audiences that you missed can purchase access to your event at a later date giving you more revenues at a marginal cost  

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You control your business model 

Monetise the live stream and the recorded version with ease. From AVOD to TVOD and everything in between, your vision is at your fingertips

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Establish loyalty by giving audiences a new hub for infotainment

Create an event subscription for your audience or staff.  Give people the opportunity to purchase an annual subscription or a plan that grants them access to multiple events over time

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Establish your identity on every touch point your audience uses.  

You control every touchpoint

From custom fonts, backgrounds and displays, you get full control over how you present yourself to the world

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Extend the life of your event

Record your live stream and post it to your own branded video platform to give your audience the opportunity to watch your events on their time.

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Leverage data to cater to your audience’s needs

Track what your audience is watching in real time and use that data to deliver custom experiences that appeal to their interests

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Protect your IP from getting into the wrong hands

Peace of mind with movie studio quality security

See why major movie studios trust Shift72 to redistribute their content on the world’s most secure platform

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Give your speakers the confidence they need

With studio-grade DRM and forensic watermarking, you can lock down your content and put a fingerprint on every stream.

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Make your Shift on demand

Connect with our team to discuss how these platform management features can help you make your Shift on demand.