Engagement tools

Boost video engagement with useful tools.

Our platform comes with powerful engagement tools built into the CMS and other integrations.

Promo codes

Create & manage promo codes for pay-per-view sales.

Easily distribute promo codes to customers to help increase pay-per-view conversions. These can be managed and tracked in the content management system.

Content collections

Create & manage content collections that help organize videos for easy consumption.

Easily create relevant content collections that make it easy for customers to find content they will enjoy, and ultimately increase plays.

Bonus footage

Let viewers watch bonus footage before or after watching a film.

Bonus footage increases the entertainment value of a sports and film releases.


Integrate with your other business tools.

Supercharge your online video platform by integrating with your wider ecosystem of business and marketing tools.

"We required streaming quality to the level of Netflix or iTunes. Shift72 were the perfect company to deliver on this."

Jerome Paillard
Executive Director, Marché Du Film

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