Live Streaming

Expand your audience, reach, and revenues beyond your regional borders with a real time interactive experience like no other.  Transforming your traditional events into unforgettable virtual events with Shift72 live.


With Shift72 Live, you can host, monetise, and broadcast your live events on your own white-labelled platform, in real-time. Whether it's a virtual conference or a single presentation, you can offer a front-row experience to your audience, anywhere, anytime.

- Real-time broadcast

- Simple management and hosting
Global Reach:
Expand your audience base by broadcasting your events worldwide giving your audience greater value for every ticket sold.
Don’t let a public venue limit your ability to fill your seats.  Save on venue and logistical expenses
Host a wide range of virtual events like concerts, webinars, and conferences

Host the best virtual events in multiple languages on your live streaming platform

Frequently asked questions

Can I charge for access to my event?

Yes, you can monetize your live event or offer a bundle for access to the live and recorded streams

Can I restrict access to my event based on different member tiers?

Yes, with Shift72’s member passes feature, you can offer your VIPs special backstage access that is restricted just for them

How can live streaming make my event more engaging?

Live streaming offers real-time interaction features like live chats and polls that enable audiences to engage directly with the event, making it more exciting and personal.

Can I host a multi-day virtual conference using Shift72's live streaming feature?

Absolutely! Our live streaming feature is designed to accommodate events of any size or duration, including multi-day virtual conferences.

Is there a limit on the number of attendees for a live streaming event?

No, there isn't! Our platform is designed to handle large-scale live streaming events seamlessly, so you can engage with as many attendees as you'd like.

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