We help businesses lead with online video in today's ever evolving multiscreen world.

The online video platform powering the world's most engaging video experiences

When we started SHIFT72 in 2008 we believed online video was going to become the next big thing. Skip forward to now and video has drastically changed the way Businesses from all backgrounds entertain, communicate and connect with viewers.

TV and Media companies are leveraging online video to deliver binge worthy entertainment experiences to viewers. Businesses and Marketers are using it to engage customers. Corporate's are using it to communicate and train their organisations.

Today, we're on a mission to empower these types of businesses to lead with online video so they can maximize growth. Online video requires a lot of technical know-how and regular development so we decided to provide an end-to-end online video platform that comes with everything needed to host, manage, monetize and deliver video across all connected devices and apps - with your own branded channels. It's the perfect solution to reduce OTT video complexity and risk, while still maintaining speed and flexibility.

What makes us different

Single vendor solutions

We are a single vendor that provides all-in-one solutions. This means we can provide both an online video platform and premium video channel across all apps. We take care of all online video needs and help you deliver quality viewing experiences across all connected devices. This results in less complexity and risk.

Best-in-class video security

We are an MPAA compliant company. We protect video with built-in DRM encryptions and an additional array of anti-piracy features, including advanced proxy detection, geoblocking and watermarking.

Quick to market

Our online video platform is a turn key solution, meaning it can be quickly deployed, helping you get to market fast. We also offer AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and Hybrid models so you can maximize video revenue.

High performance streaming

Our online video platform is built for TV quality viewing experiences across all supported apps and devices. Our solutions include adaptive bit rate streaming to ensure buffer free and fast video playback.

Our Team

David White
VP Product
Simon Crutchley
Graham Scragg
VP Marketing
Mathew Joubert
Lead Tester
Louis Saunders
UX Director
Cory Mckenzie
Senior Developer
David Ritchie
Clint Morine
Senior Developer
Daniel Tebbutt
Jack Haystead
Deidre Johnson

Our Board

Phil McCaw
John Anderson
John Barnett
Trevor Dickinson

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