Founded in 1987 in Austin Texas South by Southwest (SXSW)  quickly became best known for its interactive conferences and film festival that celebrates interactive film and music industries. It has rapidly become the premier destination for discovery. The film festival hosts nine days of new films for festival attendees, press, and industry representatives who also get the chance to watch the first screenings of highly sought-after films. Some of these films include Book Smart, Long Shot, Pet Semetary, and the highly acclaimed movie Us. 

The Roadblock

For press and industry representatives who spend their days at SXSW, they are watching as many films and episodes as possible. But due to the high volume of selections, they are unable to attend every viewing. SXSW needed to find a solution so that they could exclusively share content with the press and industry representatives securely to allow them to cover more content throughout the festival. 

Overcoming the Roadblock

Shift72 complete online solution allowed them to control availability to accelerate guests by invitation only. This gave SXSW the exclusive aspect they were searching for. They were able to reach a wider audience without compromising the security of their content because of Shift72 studio-grade DRM. SXSW gave filmmakers the ability to also choose who to put their content in front of, press or industry. This enhanced their market exposure as well as their film being brought. To ensure the value of content is optimized it was also important viewers were delivered with a quality viewing experience, which SHift72 technology could provide using an HTML5 video player and adaptive bitrate streaming.  

“Using Shift72 online video platform for SXSW Film Festival and have received excellent feedback from filmmakers and industry guest alike. We’ve also received excellent tech support before, during, and after our event.” - Jarod Neece, Senior Programmer SXSW

The Outcome

We were able to provide SXSW with the best platform possible to which they have resigned to use Shift72 screening library for their 2021 festival. “We like the rest of the world are re-shaping how we connect. We will continue to bring together the brightest minds from the creative industries worldwide.” - SXSW

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