Marché Du Film, Festival De Cannes

Festival De Cannes is known as the World’s most prestigious film festival. Included as part of this gathering is Marché Du Film, the event’s film market that connects producers, buyers, and distributors from all over the globe. Marché Du Film assisted this objective by launching their digital arm Cinando. Cinando is an online platform that allows film sellers to stream their films to targeted buyers. 

The Roadblock

Cinando has It has now grown into a digital community with over 70,000 film professionals, sharing over 65,000films with more than 3,500 buyers. Their platform is home to highly valuable film content and is crucial that they can ensure films are protected. Security was not the only consideration that was a priority. Finding an online video solution that could provide a premium HD viewing experience equal to Netflix and iTunes was just as important. 

Overcoming the Roadblock

Shift72 was the only provider with cloud video security at the forefront of their agenda. It was Shift72 ability to encrypt content with Studio Grade DRM technology that was a key deciding factor for Festival De Cannes. With image standards constantly improving, Shift72 HTML5 Video Player, optimized for quality using Adaptive Bitrate Streaming meant Festival De Cannes would easily be able to deliver premium HD viewing experiences. 

"We required streaming quality and protection to a level of Netflix or iTunes; SHIFT72 was the perfect company to deliver on this." - Jerome Paillard, Executive Director, Marché Du Film

The Outcome

Marché Du Film has now expanded their relationship with Shift72 to build a series of video apps for their new offering Cinando VL (Video Library), which aims to set film festivals up with their own secure screening room for showcasing films to industry members. 

Image: Ghetty

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