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Youtube vs Vimeo: Is there a better alternative for Business?

The video marketing landscape is heating up as businesses start to realize just how powerful video can be for engaging and converting customers online. Currently, Youtube and Vimeo are the two most widely used video media platforms for hosting and delivering video, but as we enter the next frontier of content marketing change seems to be on the horizon. This article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of Youtube and Vimeo for Business and discuss why a third alternative may be more suitable for Businesses looking to lead with video.  

Advantages of Youtube

Easy to use video hosting and delivery

No hosting or usage fees included

Great platform for discovery and SEO 

Powerful recommendations algorithm

Embeddable player allows for use on your website

Disadvantages of Youtube

Limited visibility into viewing data

No visibility into viewers identity

No user management capabilities

No control over user experience

Youtube inserts ads with limited censorship

No call to action features

Liabilities of using a third party video platform

No custom web channel or app options

Advantages of Vimeo

Easy to use video hosting and delivery

Scalable pricing tiers starting with an entry level option

No ads interrupting the viewing experience

Monetization and privacy options

Embeddable player allows for friendly use on your website

Disadvantages of Vimeo

Some viewing data and engagement metrics

No visibility into user identities

No user management capabilities

Limited call to action options

No custom web channel or app options

An alternative Video Media Platform for Business

As online video software has advanced over the years new Video Media Platform vendors have appeared on the market that provide more tailored solutions for Business. This is wear vendors like SHIFT72 come into the picture. 

We help businesses create more sales ready opportunities with their own feature rich Video Media Platform - one that comes with their own ‘netflix style’ branded channel! We go above and beyond what Youtube and Vimeo provide by also offering:

A custom video channel and apps for your brand (as mentioned)

Embeddable player tools for website use

Full access to viewing data

Full control over video metadata

Email capture tools

Advanced user management capabilities

Marketing platform integrations (with the likes of MailChimp and Google Analytics)

Video recommendation engine

Mid-roll call to actions

End-of-play call to actions

Live streaming

The Youtube and SHIFT72 synergy

There is no denying that Youtube’s recommendation engine is a powerful tool for brand discovery and SEO. Because of this it can be used as an effective entry point to a Businesses content marketing ecosystem. What is missing however, is a way of capturing each leads information and running data driven marketing campaigns that drive leads towards a purchase. 

This is where SHIFT72’s Video Media Platform becomes a valuable part of any Business’s content marketing ecosystem. ‘Teaser’ videos can be uploaded to Youtube that drive viewers to your branded video channel, powered by SHIFT72. Here, viewers sign up to your channel to watch content. Next, you are able to:

Track user engagement and viewing analytics

Insert in-play and end-of-play call to actions

Trigger actions based on engagement

Run automated comms using email marketing

Control every aspect of the user experience 

Manage user relationships

Track video marketing ROI

All of these actions are designed to help Businesses create better marketing pipelines for creating sales ready opportunities.

Talk to a video expert about how we can help you deliver the best viewing experience. Everywhere.

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