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Using React Native to Build High Performance Video Apps

October 30, 2018

At the beginning of 2018, the Apps and Devices team at SHIFT72 started using React Native to build cross platform VOD and live streaming apps that are indistinguishable from apps built using Objective-C or Java. React Native is a JS based framework that enables developers to create robust cross platform video applications using existing JS knowledge. Doing so results in faster app development and more efficient code sharing across iOS, Android and the Web, without sacrificing the end user’s experience or application quality. React Native not only helps our developers achieve a more unified and efficient workflow but also leads to an improved final product for clients. These improvements present the following benefits:

Coverage Across Multiple Devices

Currently we are using React-Native to work across iOS, Android and Apple TV platforms. Since it allows developers to work from a single codebase, higher levels of build and maintenance efficiency can be achieved. Benefits for developers include being able to reuse code (about 90%) and even refactor it for different platforms. This results in more design freedom and more fluid UI deliverability across all app platforms.

Faster Builds and Quick Iterations

Before adopting React-Native for app development, significant time was being spent individually managing workflows for iOS and Android app releases. With React Native we are able to deliver on quick iterations, without having as many, often staggered, workflows on the go at once. This helps us achieve a more agile approach to app development, with reduced costs and build time.

Releasing Instant Updates

React Native gives developers the ability to seamlessly release app updates without having to go through the app store. This applies for Android and iOS apps.

Design Flexibility and Responsiveness

Although React Native comes with the efficiencies of a single codebase, it also allows developers to use Native modules to achieve platform authentic and responsive design. Using the popular library of React, developers can iterate new design features without manipulating the entire code. This means there is no need to create two sets of code and since there are fewer interruptions in manipulating the single codebase, more responsive and rich design can be achieved.

True Native Experiences

We develop video first apps with video-specific features such as user login and registration, geo location integrations, transactional shopping services, content playback and more. We have created a clean UI/UX with simple navigation. React Native helps enhance all of this with flawless animations, smoother page transitions and button sequences. The JS framework of React-Native can handle differences in ad formats, date formats, currencies, time zones etc. We have been able to incorporate all the necessary business logic, monetization and functions to support both your VOD and Live-streaming demands with unprecedented speed.

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