Deliver Anywhere. Anytime.

Channel is a powerful video on demand platform driving big results for established and emerging broadcasters.

Run your own powerful digital TV platform

Stay ahead of the curve and be where
your viewers are: everywhere.

For your viewers

A Powerful Platform

Whether you’re starting out small or already have a high volume of viewers, Channel’s scalable architecture can handle whatever your business throws at it. Your viewers will always receive an exceptional viewing experience no matter where they are watching content. We’ll have your platform up and running in days so you don't have to take on the development risk.

Play adverts

Turn Traffic to Revenue

Channel allows you to monetize your platform by playing ads, before, during and after content is viewed. This means the more viewers you bring to your channel the more ads will be watched and therefore the more revenue made. Manage this revenue model with easy by integrating with your chosen third party ad service.

Valuable insights

Understand Viewer Behaviour

Channel lets you monitor the effectiveness of your platform. Using our customer reporting and analytic tools, you can gain deep insights into viewer behaviour and where your advertising revenue is coming from. This enhanced visibility will help you to optimize your advertising and content delivery.

Attractive design

Customised to Please

Channel allows you to launch an attractive platform fully designed according to your brand. Organize your platform smartly and create collections of similar content. You can even take your user experience to the next level by launching multiple platforms accessible through a single user account.

Stay organised

Admin Made Easy

Channel allows you to easily manage your library of content with an intuitive visual interface. This mission control brings together you advertising inventory, content management system, reporting tools and more all onto one dashboard. It’s design to save you time and help you keep things running smoothly.


Protect Your Valuable Content

Channel ensures the safekeeping of your valuable library of content. Operate a platform fully equipped with the latest studio grade digital rights management (DRM), anti-piracy tools and geo-blocking capabilities so your viewers can safely watch quality content without any interference.

“You’ll get a platform that is quick and easy to manage and that gives you bang for your buck”

Morgan Colmore-Williams Head of Operations at HGTV

It's More Than A Video Platform

It’s an OTT video solution for digital publishers that’s ready to run however you choose.


  • Multiple Devices

    Deliver content across multiple devices without compromising quality or security.

  • Content Delivery Network

    Access a content delivery network of 170,000+ edge locations covering the globe.

  • Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming

    Ensure a quality viewing experience with adaptive bit-rate streaming technology

  • Live Streaming

    Stream live content instantly to keep viewers up to date with the latest events.

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  • Customised Themes

    Operate a completely customized platform that enhances the user experience.

  • Unique Branding

    Launch your own unique fully branded platform that is easily distinguishable.

  • Design Flexibility

    Utilise complete design flexibility and contribute your input in the process.

  • Operate Multiple Platforms

    Allow your viewers to access multiple VOD platforms with one account.

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  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)

    Insure the protection of your content with big studio-grade DRM technology.

  • Geo-Blocking

    Control the accessibility of your content by territory, content collection or user segment.

  • Watermarking

    Insert a non-removable watermark to identify the use of piracy tools in action

  • Secure Payments

    Payments are transferred securely using the same security standard as your Bank.

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  • TVOD

    Monetize content using a transactional video on demand model.

  • SVOD

    Monetize content using a subscription video on demand model.

  • Hybrid Monetization

    Operate using multiple revenue models that incorporate TVOD, AVOD and SVOD.

  • Multi-currency

    Utilise advanced real time regional pricing controls to cater for a worldwide audience.

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  • Video Content Management

    Organise your entire library of content with our intuitive visual interface.

  • Ingestion Management

    Upload, preview and remove titles via a simplistic and intuitive dashboard.

  • Help and Support

    Seek guidance from a designated customer success manager and support team.

  • API Access

    Create your own unique features using our powerful develop API and SKD’s.

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  • Analytics

    Inform marketing with deep insights into sales activity and customer engagement

  • Reporting

    View real-time user and sales data at a glance, directly on your dashboard.

  • Email Marketing

    Integrate with your chosen email marketing service and speak directly to viewers

  • Promo Codes

    Control your own specials, offer rewards, and create unlimited promotions.

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