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Crystal Encoding

Powerful content encoding, encryption and packaging.

It’s Fast. It’s Reliable. It’s trusted by leading entertainment brands, such as Cannes Film Market to power the preparation of premium content. Crystal Encoding is the content ingestion system owned and operated by SHIFT72. Upload your video content once and we will take care of the rest.

Supported by

  • Widevine - A Google Company

  • Apple FairPlay

  • Microsoft PlayReady

Trusted by

  • Sony Pictures

  • Universal

  • Time Warner

  • Paramount

Studio Lock

anti-piracy protection

When working with global entertainment brands that hold the world’s most premium content, it’s crucial that we ensure content is protected to the utmost level. All our platforms come fully equipped with studio-grade DRM, granular level geo-blocking control and an array of additional anti-piracy features.

Mission Control

The most comprehensive
CMS available

Operating an online video platform has never been this simple. You can access CMS, user management, analytics and reporting, and marketing and engagement tools through a single administrative system. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it user-friendly, and it’s responsive across multiple devices so you can work in or out of the office.

Growth Hub

Advanced marketing
and engagement tools

Grow your audience and revenue using our extensive collection of marketing and engagement tools. Use built-in features, like creating loyalty programs and promotion codes, and convenient integrations, like with an email marketing provider. Together with our analytics functions you’ll be able to send targeted messages to your customers and increase engagement.


Revenue Suite

Revenue models
that give you flexibility

We’re putting the power in your hands with the most flexible suite of revenue models for you to choose from. Pick and mix between AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD, thereby giving you the option of creating your own Hybrid revenue model. Also keep 100% of the revenue you make.

Zen Player

An ultra fast, high quality
HTML5 video player

Deliver exceptional viewing experiences with Zen Player. It’s trusted by leading entertainment brands like SXSW to showcase premium content around the globe. It’s fully customizable and is supported on all browsers. Your customers will be be able to view content anywhere, anytime and on any device.

360° Insights

Actionable insights from
viewing data

Turn viewing data into revenue. 360 Insight is the analytics engine inside the SHIFT72 online video platform that provides insights into audience behaviour, content performance, ad performance and more. View real-time video analytics through an intuitive dashboard and download custom reports.

Everything you need in one powerful platform

Crystal Encoding

  • Cloud Based Encoding

    Get your content in front of your audience fast with cloud based encoding. Upload directly to your platform via your easy-to-use dashboard and customize each files metadata while it gets prepared for online viewing. You’ll save time and be organized moving forward.

  • HTTP Stream Packaging

    Ensure that videos can play across a broad range of devices on all major browsers with HTTP Stream Packaging that uses of HLS and MPEG-DASH. Your customers will receive an exceptional viewing experience on any device they are using.

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Give your viewers the best viewing experience every time they watch content with adaptive bitrate streaming. This robust technology automatically adjusts video playback based on the viewer’s network connectivity to ensure highest possible video quality.

  • DRM Encryption

    Have peace of mind knowing that all your content is protected with the industry’s safest studio-grade Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Crystal encoding encrypts content to fend off illegal downloads and other piracy threats.

  • CDN Support

    Deliver your content to viewers around the world using supported global content delivery networks (CDN), such as Akamai and Amazon CloudFront. It’s the best way to mitigate the challenges of delivering content over the internet.

  • Live Stream Encoding

    Manage the delivery of live content to multiple devices and browsers using SHIFT72’s live stream solution. Make use of high quality and adaptive bitrate live streaming to ensure your viewers receive an exceptional viewing experience.

Studio Lock

  • Studio-Grade DRM

    SHIFT72 has the tick of approval from the world’s best film studios to protect their content. We utilize Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay and Google Widevine DRM technologies to protect against illegal downloads by encrypting content and fending off all unauthorized connections that try to intercept the video stream.

  • Granular Level Geo-Blocking

    Managing the territorial distribution of your content is simple with granular level Geo-blocking capabilities. Easily control the accessibility of your content by territory, content collection or user segment and avoid breaking any content rights agreements.

  • Advanced Proxy Detection

    Criminals looking to engage in piracy activities will often use proxy servers to bypass security measures. SHIFT72’s advanced proxy detection works to prevent purchases and restrict viewing access when a user’s account is flagged as being on a proxy server.

  • Non-Removable Watermarking

    Embedding a non removable watermark in content will deter criminals from employing screen capture methods used to illegally copy content. It works by marking content with the criminal user’s IP address so the source of piracy can easily be tracked.

  • Private Viewing

    This Studio Lock feature is rolled out by film festivals and film markets around the globe, such as POFF film festival and Cannes Film Market, to deliver content to selected VIP audiences. It lets you invite audience members to create an account.

  • Secure Cloud Storage

    SHIFT72 keeps your content from being misplaced by creating automated backups that are kept on our secure cloud storage network. This preventative measure is there on the off chance that you delete a content file by accident.

  • Verification of Credit Cards

    As well as protecting your video content from piracy, SHIFT72 also protects your customers from credit card fraud. This is done by matching the customers credit cards country of issue with the country your content is being purchased from.

  • Registered Device Controls

    SHIFT72 lets you control and limit the number of devices connected to an account and restrict excessive playback. This allows you to cater to the viewing behavior of the modern family who enjoys watching different videos at the same time.

  • Concurrent Restrictions

    Restrict the playback of content to a limited number of devices at the same time across all content or a singular file of content. This can be done by domain, IP address, or publication date, thereby helping you to comply with launch schedules and delivery models.

Mission Control

  • Content Management System

    Organizing and managing your video content is made easy with SHIFT72’s content management system (CMS). Label videos with standard classifications or create your own unique tags and filters. This makes searching your content library easy.

  • Video Scheduling and Publishing

    Video release scheduling can be a big logistics operation at times, but with SHIFT72 scheduling the roll out of content is streamlined. Restrict access by geographic location or IP address to dictate the delivery of your video content.

  • Multi-Device Admin Access

    Running an online video business allows your customers to watch content anywhere, any time and on any device, so it makes sense that you should be able to manage and organize your platform with the same flexibility. Our CMS is responsive across all devices.

  • User Management

    Manage individual user accounts and view user behavior at a glance. Understanding your customers is important and will come in handy when using SHIFT72’s analytics features and designing targeting marketing campaigns.

  • Help and Support

    Seek guidance and additional onboarding from your personal customer success manager and platform expert. We’re available for support 24/7. Communicate with us by phone, email, live chat or Skype, whichever works best for you.

  • API Access

    SHIFT72 also gives you access to our comprehensive API’s so you can customize and build upon our video platform technology. We also have extensive API documentation to provide you with information as the need arises.

Growth Hub

  • Promotion Codes

    Running targeted promotion campaigns and rewarding loyal customers is an effective way to boost customer engagement. With SHIFT72 you can easily create and share promotion codes.

  • Bundles

    Creating video bundles lets you sell personalized collections of content under a single price to your customers.

  • Loyalty Wallet

    The thoughtfully designed wallet feature lets you create your own loyalty program. You’ll be able to incentivise spending and engagement by rewarding participating customers with purchasing credit.

  • Multiple Platforms

    Launch multiple online video platforms, all with different UX design, and allow customers to access them through one account. This opens up new opportunities for business expansion.

  • Email Integration

    Set up automated email marketing campaigns to send personalized communications with the click of a button. SHIFT72 lets you integrate with email marketing providers like MailChimp.

  • Social Media Integration

    Interact with your customers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. SHIFT72 lets you directly share posts relating to the content on your video platform.

  • Pre Registration

    Generate revenues from go. Be prepared for the launch of your video platform by building your customer base before hand with pre registrations.

  • Create a Blog

    Content marketing can help you attract new customers, further engage existing customers, and promote videos on your platform.

  • Live Chat

    Helping customers in real-time using live chat creates a more personalized user experience. This is made simple by integrating with a customer messaging service like Intercom.

  • Pre Sales

    Build hype and anticipation for the release of new content by using a launch timer and offering customers the chance to make pre sale purchases.

  • SD / HD Pricing Options

    Upsell more content by allowing customers to choose between SD and HD viewing when applicable and pay the appropriate price for each.

  • Bonus Footage

    Add bonus footage to make a purchase even more tempting and rewarding. This will help you achieve maximum revenue potential.

Revenue Suite

  • AVOD

    Monetize your content with video advertising (AVOD). Integrate with third-party ad servers and have full control over your ad inventory and campaigns. SHIFT72 supports VPAID and VAST advertising standards allowing you to run multiple ad units for every video - pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and more.

  • SVOD

    Monetize your content by selling subscription plans for your video platform (SVOD). All the tools you need to run a successful SVOD business are built in. Create multiple subscription and payment and trial plans. Auto renewals, failed payments, credit card expiry, invoices and billing is all taken care of.

  • TVOD

    Use a transactional revenue model (TVOD) to sell and rent individual videos to your audience. TVOD comes with global pricing and currency support, user management and a huge collection of sales and marketing tools, including bundles, promo codes, wallets and check out flows designed for conversion.

  • Hybrid Monetization

    Operate using multiple revenue models of your choice. With SHIFT72 you have the power to bring together AVOD, SVOD and TVOD to create a multi revenue stream platform. For example you may have a lot of content ideal for video advertising and also want to allow your customers to rent from a collection of high value videos being sold under TVOD.

  • Private Screening Room

    Turn your platform into a secure private screening room. This business model is used by film festivals, film markets, film award ceremonies, and entertainment events all over the world. It’s great for privately sharing premium content with fellow industry players, guests, sponsors, press and media, and audiences. If applicable, you can generate revenue from customers uploading their videos or those viewing videos.

  • Digital Display Advertising

    Create additional revenue streams with tailored banner ad placement across your platform. You can enhance sponsorship and advertising partnerships by creating branded collections of content, or connect with a display network for auto placement of advertising.

Zen Player

  • HTML5 Video Player

    Zen Player is our industry leading HTML5 video player made to deliver unparalleled viewing experiences with quick video load times.

  • Full Customization

    Zen Player is developer-friendly. You can customize your online video player through CSS, HTML and JavaScript APIs or we can do it for you.

  • Windows / OSX Compatibility

    Zen Player is compatible with both OSX and Windows browsers, makes use of adaptive bitrate streaming and supports studio-grade DRM technology encryptions.

  • Apps and Devices

    Zen Player is compatible with all leading apps, devices and set-top boxes. It also gives your customers the flexibility to cast from a device onto TV using Chromecast or AirPlay.

  • Multilingual, Subtitles and Closed Captions

    Make your platform available to a larger, broader audience. Let customers adjust subtitles, closed captioning and language settings so they can watch videos in their preferred language..

  • Offline Viewing Capabilities

    With Zen Player your audience truly can watch videos anywhere, anytime. Exceed customer expectations with the ability to deliver secure viewing experiences without the constraints of an internet connection.

  • Ad Server Integration

    Zen Player supports VAST and VPAID advertising standards and allows you to insert pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll adverts, and track ad performance to maximize revenue generation.

  • Ad Blocker Detection

    Zen Player detects the use of ad-blockers and allows you to send a 'turn off ad-blocker' notification to your customers; a user-friendly alternative to automatically exiting a video.

  • Live Streaming

    Zen Player also gives you the power of live streaming. Your customers will be able to control playback and go back to live streaming with the click of a button.

360° Insights

  • User Management

    View real-time user analytics and manage customer relationships through the mission control admin system. Segment your audience based on a variety of different metrics and use these to direct your targeted marketing efforts.

  • Real-Time Video Analytics

    View real time video analytics including video views, unique views, time viewed, traffic sources, devices viewed on and more. Also access engagement reports. All together these insights provide a comprehensive view of the performance of each video on your platform.

  • Custom Audience Reporting

    Create and download detailed reports based around customer behavior and content performance. These reports help reveal deep insights into engagement and provide a simple method to presenting and discussing data.

  • Ad Performance Tracking

    Track the performance of your platform’s video advertising. Change and test ad selection and placement to better optimize ad performance and customer engagement. Improve your own business revenues and the adverting potential of your platform at the same time.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Access your video platform site analytics in one convenient place with the Google Analytics integration. This allows you to see how time-on-site, engagement and conversions link to video performance and gives you access to a number of additional business intelligence tools.

  • Other Third-Party Integrations

    Integrate with other third-party tracking and business intelligence tools of your choice to reveal unique insights and measure additional variables.

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