Introducing Kibble

Kibble is the templating engine tool that enables designers and developers to take full visual control over your platform. Work from existing templates and edit HTML and CSS to customize your design.

Kibble Documentation

You make it look beautiful and we make it work

You have control over content layout but we maintain control over the dynamic aspects of the site via a javascript library called Relish. This allows us to iterate and continuously improve these aspects.

Work from existing templates

Kibble is a static site generator that includes a number of templates for you to begin with and customize from.

Modify the presentation of your site

Kibble allows you to customize the layout of features relating to films, tv episodes, seasons, content pages, slides, recommendations and navigation. It also supports custom pages, embedding your own Javascript, custom analytics and CSS.

Make quick design adjustments

Make adjustments and test results over and over again as you look to enhance the performance of your online video platform.

We maintain platform performance

Dynamic aspects of your site, such as login/logout, purchase flow, buy/rent buttons and account management are continuously improved. We use GitHub to push fixes and updates.

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