Storage & CDN

Use leading globally distributed storage and content delivery networks provided by Akamai, AWS and other providers.

AWS file source

Video files are encoded and encrypted on Amazon S3 servers. Once ingested, video files remain being stored on Amazon S3 servers or are relocated to Akamai NetStorage servers.

Akamai NetStorage

Store content on Akamai NetStorage, the largest globally distributed net storage system.

Amazon CloudFront

Deliver content to viewers with low latency and high transfer speeds via Amazon’s CloudFront CDN.

Akamai CDN

SHIFT72 also allows you to deliver content to viewers using Akamai’s Aura Licensed CDN.

Amazon Glacier Archive Storage

Backup files for durable long-term storage using Amazon Glacier storage. This provides a secure, low cost long-term storage option.

Choose your own Storage & CDN

Although we already partner with AWS and Akamai - and believe they provide industry-leading storage and delivery, we can use other CDNs. This may be useful in some territories.

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