Content Management

Control your whole video operation through one easy to use content management system.

Upload video assets

Upload video files to start the encoding and packaging process. While you upload videos, you can customize video metadata and start organising your video library.

Control & edit content metadata

Create custom fields of metadata so you can organize your video library according to your needs. Use standard classifications and custom tags to filter content.

Manage your video library

Manage video assets across their entire life cycle through an all-inclusive CMS. This admin CMS can be accessed across multiple devices and through multiple admin accounts.

Schedule & publish content

Publish video content in real-time, or set up release and expiry schedules to automate publishing.

Secure syndication

Distribute on demand and live video assets to other audience platforms, such as Youtube and Facebook. This can be achieved using single-click syndication.

Manager user accounts

Manage individual user accounts and access viewing history. The viewing analytics presented here can be used to create customer reports and direct marketing campaigns.

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