Apps & devices

Reach your audience with your own custom built apps.

Deliver content across all leading browsers and quickly deploy your own custom apps for mobile and connected TV.

Achieve coverage across all browsers

Instantly deploy your channel across all browsers.

Quickly deploy your own apps

Deploy your custom apps in no time with our range of turn-key and custom solutions.

Manage content  with ease

Easily manage content across your entire portfolio delivery channels.

Never worry about app updates and maintenance

We'll take care of all app updates, bug fixes and maintenance.

API access

Use our APIs to integrate video into your web and app based products.

Empower your developers to efficiently build video capabilities into your sites, apps and services with an extensive range of APIs, including helpful documentation.

"When you’re running a global film market its incredibly important for sellers to showcase their films to buyers in the best possible quality. We knew Shift72 had the software to achieve this."

Jonathan Wolfe
Managing Director, American Film Market

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