Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet launches new subscription streaming service showing travel content from around the world.

Lonely Planet has a strong reputation as being the global travelers first port of call for information, reviews and recommendations regarding travel plans. Since their inception in the 70’s they’ve established a strong presence in the print media space, specializing in travel guides, maps, language dictionaries and more. However, like most print publishers, our digital transformative world has forced change upon them as global consumers gain access to more information online. Lonely Planet were quick to realise this changing landscape and invested smartly in growing their digital presence in a way that supports and contributes to print media sales. It only takes 30 seconds of browsing their website or social media profiles to see how they’re leading with great content.

As the year 2020 approaches, they’re now looking to launch and scale their own subscription streaming service featuring more compelling travel content. The challenge for them here, is that they have limited technical experience in the online streaming space and required a provider who could take full ownership of meeting all technical requirements now and in the future. After doing their due diligence on most of the leading video media platform providers, they decided to partner with SHIFT72 to deliver on this project.

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