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Blue Ant Media

Expanding operations into untapped regions with the flawless launch of multiple OTT video platforms.

In 2014 Blue Ant Media, an international content producer, distributor and channel operator, undertook their first endeavor into international expansion with the launch of Choice TV, a New Zealand based lifestyle and entertainment channel. Since then Blue Ant Media has grown their New Zealand presence by launching a second lifestyle channel, HGTV, which is the third most watched cable channel in the US, adding to Blue Ant’s global portfolio of media brands.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the leading broadcasters though as the shift in consumer behaviour from linear TV to online caused Choice TV to review their digital offering. HGTV and Choice TV were operating with a rudimentary OTT platform at the time which was not meeting audience expectations. They were quick to realise a need to dramatically improve their video on demand solution.

Choice TV needed a solution that presented a quality viewing experience without compromising the safekeeping of valuable content. Speed to market was crucial as well as the ability to monetize with ad-based revenues immediately. Another key component was to provide audiences with duel access to both platforms through a single account. After a comprehensive global search for a suitable solution provider, Blue Ant Media chose SHIFT72 to power both on-demand channels.

"SHIFT72 has enabled us to fully customise the design of our platforms, access great reporting and analytics, and importantly allowed us to integrate with our ad service solutions to monetize the platforms"

Morgan Colmore-Williams Head of Operations

Fast forward to now and both Choice TV and HGTV channels have become an integral part of Blue Ant Media’s portfolio of 12 consumer media brands, delivering content to a large audience base.

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