Choice TV

Choice TV, a New Zealand Broadcast operator, was established in 2012 with the launch of their first channel on Freeview and Sky TV platforms. This was followed up with the launch of a second channel under the Choice TV portfolio. This second channel is HGTV, a New Zealand offshoot of the well-known American Home & Garden TV. 

The Roadblock

At the time satellite and cable television broadcasting were the leading broadcast delivery avenues in New Zealand. However, customers were starting to favor watching content on their connected devices and online delivery was growing in popularity. Choice TV was quick to realize this and launched their own OTT Video Channels for Choice TV and HGTV catch-up content.

They required an easy-to-manage AVOD solution that would deliver quality viewing experiences without compromising on content security. Like most Broadcasters, they were also looking to get to market fast without development risk. Viewing analytics was also an important component to help direct content and marketing efforts. Making their situation unique, they also required both channels to be accessible through a single user account. 

Overcoming the Roadblock

After a comprehensive search for solutions, they settled on Shift72 as the Video Media Platform provider to power both their two OTT Video channels. Shift72, trusted for their top-of-the-line security, was able to provide an easy-to-manage admin system which allowed them to see a range of informative analytics and orchestrate their channel performance through a single admin system. Shift72 was also able to deliver an end-to-end platform in rapid time so Choice TV was able to start providing a seamless streaming experience. 

The Outcome

Fast forward to now and both Choice TV and HGTV have become well-known channels on Freeview and Sky TV in New Zealand. Their OTT video channels are also an integral part of their customer experience and continue to work to synergize with their television broadcasting operation.

Image: Robert Paterson, Rustic White Photography

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