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Why choose a single vendor Video Media Platform solution

September 29, 2017

SHIFT72 provides a range of single vendor Video Media Platform solutions for hosting, managing, delivering and monetizing video across multiple platforms and apps. Our solutions allow customers to continue focusing on creating and delivering quality video content to viewers without having to worry about complex video streaming technology. Unlike multi vendor solutions that bring together video technology from multiple sources to form a single solution, our entire cloud video infrastructure is developed and managed in house by a dedicated team of video engineers. This single vendor approach provides value to our customers in the following ways:

Simple reliable & transparent partnership

Multiple cloud video suppliers spread across multiple locations often results in confusion, waste and a general lack of transparency. Adopting a single point of contact model keeps communication between partners simple, prevents problems from being addressed multiple times at different points, and ultimately saves a lot of time and money over the course of a project. You don’t have to move from door to door to find out the solution to a problem. SHIFT72 takes ownership of ALL video technology requirements from end-to-end.

Get to market fast without development risk

Single vendor solution also save you time and eliminate development risk by allowing you to get to market with an out of the box solution. Minimal configuration is required to deploy a new customers Video Media Platform and custom development can easily be incorporates sense all parts of the solution are managed in house.

Reduced costs

In a single vendor arrangement there is no time wasted on negotiating multiple software licensing agreements or precious resources spent on integrating and supporting various parts. You also don't have to invest in your own R&D team capable of maintaining and improving software over time to keep up with progressive changes.

User-friendly for all operators

Managing your whole Video Media Platform through an easy to use admin login. Our Video Media Platform has been designed with modern aesthetics and features drag and drop functionality to make it easy for non-techies to navigate and control. As a single vendor, we take responsibility for the video technology, and this includes making this video technology easy for you to operate.

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