What We Mean By A Single Vendor Solution

SHIFT72’s single vendor end-to-end video platform provides Broadcasters, Media companies, Corporates and Brands with all the cloud video infrastructure needed to manage and monetize video across multiple apps and platforms. Businesses can continue to focus on producing and delivering video content to viewers, whilst knowing all online streaming requirements are being accounted for. Making our online video platform more valuable is the fact it’s fully developed and managed in-house by our team of software engineers. In other words, we’re the single vendor, there's no third part parts required. Being a single vendor presents the following advantages:

Reliable partnership with clear responsibility

Multiple points of contact spread across multiple locations often results in confusion, waste and a general lack of transparency. Adopting a single point of contact model keeps communication between partners simple, prevents problems from being addressed multiple times at different points, and ultimately saves a lot of time and money over the course of a project. You don’t have to move from door to door to find out the solution to a problem. We own and manage the video technology from end-to-end and therefore also becoming your single point of contact. We take full ownership of video technology related requirements.

Rapid platform deployment without the development risk

Our online video platform is a complete out-of-the-box solution, which helps you achieve quicker time-to-market without the development risks involved when building your own solution. This is because we have an existing cloud video infrastructure in place and don't require any third party software add ons to get up and running. We also provide custom development of value adding features to further advance your offering.

Reduced costs

In a single vendor arrangement there is no time wasted on negotiating multiple software licensing agreements with individual technology vendors or precious time and resources spent on integrating and supporting various components. You also don't have to invest in the set up of your own development team.

User-friendly for all operators

Managing your whole OTT Video operation is done through the platform's CMS admin system. This single backend has been designed with modern aesthetics and features drag and drop functionality to make it easy for non-techies to navigate and control. As a single vendor, we take responsibility for the technology, and this includes making this technology easy for you to operate. We have also set up integrations to help incorporate OTT Video into your business ecosystem. This ranges from email marketing and live chat to google analytics.